Saturday, July 5, 2014


I will need to learn new adjectives.

Today marked my first real training ride as I prepare for Bike MS - Pedal to the Point.  It was my first ride on a bike in years and my first since DRD diagnosis. To be sure I could make the attempt, my husband placed my bicycle in a stationary trainer in our home recently.  After a week of riding without travelling... it was time to put the rubber to the road. 

I was joined by my husband, father and a dear friend who decided he was up for a last minute adventure.  The weather was perfect.  A bit serpentine at first, I was able to get moving and find balance. My nervous energy was quickly replaced with awe as I tried to take everything in --- cool breeze, shifting contrast of shade and sun and the freedom of coordinated movement.  At a few points I sounded like our little platypus (she will be two soon) with an unfiltered laugh and a few spontaneous "Wheeeeeeeeee" moments as I sped downhill. 

At our halfway point we stopped on the path to take in a gorgeous rock formation and waterfall. I thought about those who I am riding for --- some who lose accessibility to these sights because they don't come equipped with ramps and require steps.  (How unfair that sometimes, such beauty is hidden from those who might be invigorated and comforted by it the most.)  It is not something I can articulate - feeling so sad, humbled and overjoyed all at once. 

8.6 incredible miles today.  I hope I have many more to go - whether I can describe them or not.


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