Sunday, June 29, 2014

30 Miles - Bike MS

After about 10 years of being monitored and kept moving (literally) by the Cleveland Clinic Mellen Center, I figure it's a fitting tribute for my first Platypus adventure to be for this great cause.  People say "30 miles? Pshhh, that's a pretty easy/fun ride."  I don't have the experience yet to refute or deny - only to note that at this time last year my "wheels" were powered by my hands and biking would have been out of the question.  (See the "About Me" section for the brief background on this.)

My husband placed my bike into his stationary trainer this weekend.  I got on board.  Felt pretty unsteady at first --- learned a few things quickly:

1) Seat adjustment = crucial
2) Padded shorts
3) Padded shorts
4) ... Padded shorts?

I'm excited!  I ordered up a small bike computer to track my distance.  I rode today until I was soaked with sweat and pride.  I officially have signed up for the ride and my fundraising page is live.  I am a bit nervous that when the computer arrives, it will tell me that my perceived hard effort yields only a mile or two.

Stay tuned friends - I'll keep you posted!

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